Introduction of TENGEN

We aspire to be a great company that affects China and is respectable in the world.

Zhejiang Tengen Electric Co.,Ltd. known as "Tengen electric", was founded in 1999.In 2008, it won the "Prize of National Science and Technology Progress" and won the "National Recognized Enterprise Technology Center" in 2012. It won the honor of "China's Real Estate Development Enterprise 500 Strong Supplier of Choice" for five consecutive years (2013~2017).

It mainly produces low-voltage distribution and industrial control electrical appliances, intelligent instruments, power supply electrical appliances, frequency converters, high-voltage electrical appliances and building electrical appliances, providing high-quality low-voltage electrical products and solutions for power, communication, new energy, industrial and civil construction, metallurgy, petrochemical, machinery manufacturing and other industries.

Founder: Tianle GAO
Master of Business Administration, senior economist, founder of Tianzheng Electric. He successively served as a member of the 9th, 10th and 11th National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference. He has been awarded the honorary titles of "China's Top Ten Private Entrepreneurs", "Top Ten Chinese Economic Talents", "Zhejiang Province Outstanding Enterprise Operators", "Wenzhou Major Influential Entrepreneurs in 40 Years of Reform and Opening Up".