FAQ common faults

Offer technical supports (treatment of simple faults) and answering of common technical problems (FAQ) of all series products

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  • PhenomenonSpecific reasonsSolutions
    The electric card can not be read ( not recharge )Electric power card is contaminated or corroded.Use alcohol (white wine) cotton ball to clean the face and metal plate, then try again after dry. If the problem still exsits, make a card for the meter;
    The meter is not reseted before it is put into useFirst clear (reset) electricity meter, then recharge
    The power card is inserted in the wrong direction;Please click the arrow direction (metal facing left);
    Not this meter cardChange card;
    The card is not successful by electricity system, and the information in the card is not correctCard reading(user number), reqing card, and then change card;
    The meter do not work or fail to read card;Replace the card in the software and replace the new electricity meter
    The power card may be damaged,Replace a new power card, make up the card;
    The meter of making up is not successfulThe user didn't answer the truth and wanted to steal electricity;Resert the meter or do the operation of "changing meter"
    The meter may be damagedThe card is changed in the software and replace the new electricity meter
    The electricity system do not work; The reader/write card is not connected to the computer;Please check the data line, power cord
    The serial communication port (com) in the software is not set.Please set the serial communication port correctly
    The card is in the wrong direction.Please try again in the direction of the arrow (metal face down).
    Management software and IC card reader do not matchPlease contact our company for replacement or upgrade system.
    When the reader is energized, the red indicator flickers and cannot be sold properly without the card being insertedThe environmental temperature is too low.Preheat the reader (2 hours before the sale of electricity, give the "IC card to the electric system reader" to warm up), and immediately notify the head office to replace the new reader;
    Can't count the amount of electricity purchased in AugustSoftware failuresThe version information that will be used tells us to replace the new software.
    After backing up the data, the user can't log on to the system ( can not find adm.db file )When the user is backing up the data, he directly selects the system directory of the selling systemChange "copy DB" to "DB" in  in C: Program Filestengen_ic, and tell users to do the backup operation of data according to the instructions of our software.
    There is a discrepancy between the amount of printed invoice and the amount of electricity soldSoftware failuresTell us the software version of the software, change the software;
    Forget your password when you log on to the electrical systemUser reasonSend the database folder to us, we will help the user retrieve the password.
    The power meter can not realize the power of call and dilock alarm functionThe administrator window type is not setPlease go to the software administrator window and select the corresponding type of meter and set purchase electrical alarm and brake alarm power
    The selling system (write card and software) and the meter are not compatiblePlease contact our technical department for confirmation and exchange.
    The backup and recovery data are incorrectThe selected directory is not correct (even if the directory selection is correct), but there is no double click on the directoryBackup and restore data;
    DDSY256 power meter cannot be cleared (reset)The zero allowed button is not pressedWhen the "button" is pressed, the reset button is inserted, and then the insert reset card
    A table multi-calorie meter (utility meter) does not recognize the power cardThe electricity meter is not reset (zero)A reset card made with the sale computer to reset the electricity meter and then use the "utility meter" card operation in the software to open an account and buy the electricity.
    The IC card digital tube does not display.The electricity in the meter is more than the electric alarmWhen the IC card is inserted, if the meter shows that the remaining quantity of electricity in the meter is more than the electrical alarm, the electricity meter is normal;
    Meter faultOnce the IC card is inserted, the meter will not show, please check whether the incoming line and outgoing line of the meter are connected. If the wiring is normal, the meter is faulty and then change the new meter.
    After the power meter wheel display button is pressed, the electricity meter information is not obviousThe button failureInsert a power card and you can see the information of the meter
    The user cannot use electricity, the power meter digital tube does not displayIt could be wrong in the incoming line and outgoing line of the energy meter or meter failureIf checked, make sure that the incoming line and outgoing line are not connected to the counter, please do "change the table" operation to the card, change the fault meter and replace the new watch;
    When the meter is in check, the school table alarm can not load currentThe meter is not closedIf a card is to a meter, the table is set in the latent state, and the test card can input the electricity to the meter, then check the operation; After the checkup, the table table is located in the latent state, and the meter is reset with the reset card.
    The meter is not closedIf a meter is to  multi-card, the school table is located in the latent state, the user card can input the electricity to the meter, then check the operation; After checking, the calibration table is located in the latent state, and the user card will be used to retrieve the power.
    After the user buys the electricity for the first time, the electricity meter cannot read the power in the cardThe electricity meter is not reset by the electric software sales system;Confirm the electricity meter, whether it has been sold by the computer to make the zero card "zero";
    The user card's battery has been read in (recharge) to the meter, and the computer software can read the data effectively or can not buy electricityThe power card may be damagedUse a new power card, make "clear card" to the card first, then make "filling card" operation on the software. Note: when filling the card, the software prompts for "whether the card has been lost" and should choose "yes".
    The meter shows that the remaining charge is not zero, but the user cannot use electricityThe meter failureFirst insert a card on the meter, if it still can't use electricity; Please change a new meter and use the old card to do the "change table" operation on the computer software
    The remaining power in the meter is less than the gate alarmPut a card on the meter and then use the card to buy the electricity as soon as possible.
    When the meter reads the power of the user card, the meter does not display (as if it has no power);The remaining power of the meter is greater than (more) the power of the electric alarm, and the electricity meter will be closed automaticallyAccording to the power meter wheel display button, or insert the user card again, whether the meter will display, if displayed, indicating that the meter is normal; The reason is that the residual power of the meter is greater than (more) of the electric alarm. Continuous display only when it is less than the electric alarm.
    The meter may have been damagedInsert the user card; if the meter does not show, the meter is damaged; need to change the new watch;
    The power meter digital tube is displayed for several hours (a few days), but the user can use electricity normally.The remainder of the meter is less than the "power to call" and "the remaining amount" is not much.The electricity meter is not enough, the user should buy the electricity.
    Power meter digital tube display " OvLd, the user can use electricity normallyThe overload alarm prompt of the energy meter indicates that the power load is greater than the allowable value of the energy meter.Users should close some electrical appliances, otherwise they may burn or damage the electricity meter.
    The power meter digital tube shows that the user cannot use electricityThe electricity meter residual power is less than the "breaking alarm battery", and the electricity meter subgate alarm.Insert a user card, if the user can use electricity normally, the meter is normal; The power meter has been off the alarm and the user can continue to use the remaining power. However, users should purchase electricity as soon as possible without affecting the continuous use of electricity.
    The battery of the meter is zero and the user's power has been used upUsers must buy electricity before they can use it properly.
    The user buys the electricity (not the first purchase), the electric energy card can not be sent to the electricity mete; Read the card with the card reader, unable to read the user card dataThe power card may not be cleanUse an alcohol cotton ball to clean the card, and then try again (read the card). ;
    The power card may be damagedChange the new power card, make "fill card" operation on computer softwar;During the card filling operation, "if the missing card is used", answer "no", or the power card can not be used on the meter.
    The power card can't be sent to the meter (not the first time); The software reads the card; The computer can read the data of the power card, and the power data is valid.The electric failureIf the meter shows that the user card does the "change table" operation on the computer software, and read and record the "remaining power" of this user's meter;Reusing the "reset card" to clear the energy meter, insert the user card into the meter and input the power in the card;The next time the user buys electricity, first buy the electricity, then enter the admin interface, then the remaining power recorded in the reset before the refill charge, the resupply user (no charge).
  • (1)The fault or screw failure on the circuit board leads to the failure of the line.

    (2)The coils of the coil end are oxidized and the coils do not move.

    (3)The untight wiring terminal makes the line blocked.

    (4)The insertion pin of the back plug is not in place, resulting in the connection with the air socket on the cabinet.

    (5)The chassis and the lock are jammed, causing the failure to switch.The connecting rod is automatically and flexibly located in the test position or working position.

  • 1.Failure: power cannot be stored

    Solution: Press the power storage button with B8 (d-2) and B9 (d-1) on the circuit board

    a.If there is a voltage, it is possible that the motor will burn. The D-2 and D-1 can be removed from the circuit board, and the resistance value of the motor can be measured directly with the meter. No indication can be found that the motor has been burned or the connector is unconnected. If there is no voltage input, then test the circuit board.

    b.Whether the B6 (s2-21) and the B10 (t-35) end have voltage. If there is a voltage, the circuit board ontology fails to work, it needs to change a new circuit board. If there is no voltage, it indicates that the fault point should be entered on the circuit board. According to the wiring diagram, it can check whether the B-6 and T-35 are connected on the microdynamic switch of the storage energy, and then the fault points should be found to be solved by the contact point.

    2.Failure: Unable to power the electric switch

    Solution: Ensure that the circuit breaker is electrically or manually stored in place before troubleshooting; Failure search can refer to the electric energy storage to start the analysis from the circuit board; A3 (HQ-2) and B3 (S3-14) on the side circuit board of the multimeter are used to press the electric closing button on the cabinet.

    a.If there is a voltage, it is possible that the closing coil will burn. The HQ-2 and S3-14 can be removed from the circuit board and directly used the multimeter loop resistance. No display may determine that the closed coil has been burnt or unconnected.

    b.If there is no voltage display, it should test whether the both ends of B11 (qf-11) and B15 (t-31) on the circuit board have voltage. If there is a voltage, the circuit board ontology does not work, and it should replace a new circuit board. If there is no voltage, the fault point should be on the circuit board of the circuit board which is connected to the terminal, and the fault points can be found according to the contact points on the wiring diagram.

    3.Failure: Switch closing can operate by hand but can not work by electricity. The function of the closed coil can normally be released. Switch opening when the switch is close.

    Solution: Turn on the circuit breaker panel to observe whether the closing coil is also operated when the electric operation is closed. If the split coil is also an action that shows the problem of the whole secondary loop. B11 (qf-11) and B15 (T - 31) of the circuit board can be removed and then closed. If the circuit breaker can be switched on and off at this time, this indicates that the short circuit appears on the input of the circuit board and the input of the external operating power supply, which can basically determine that the circuit board and the split coil are good. At this point, it is important to check whether the external operation power input is normal.

  • 1.Circuit breaker short circuit

    Reason:The selected type is too large, the rated current of the circuit breaker is much larger than the line calculation load current; The wire is too thin and selected.

    The breaker does not match; The wire lay too long.

    Solution:Replace the appropriate circuit breaker; Select the wire that matches the breaker; Re-lay lines.

    2.The circuit breaker can not be closed

    Reason:Load current is greater than circuit breaker rated current; The wire is too thin to match the selected circuit breaker

    The resistance increases, the breaker temperature rises; Load terminal short circuit or leakage; Product damage.

    Solution:Select the appropriate circuit breaker; Select the wire that matches the breaker; Troubleshooting; Replace the circuit breaker.

    3.The end of the terminal is burnt

    Reason:The terminal has not been tightened or the wiring of the terminal

    Solution:Change the product, remind the customer that after the wiring, must use the hand to pull the wire to tighten.

  • Fault phenomenon Reason Solution
    Measurement of current transformer is inaccurate 1.The secondary terminal of transformer is loose
    2.The connection wire section is too small
    3.The second line is too long
    4.A heart count is inconsistent with the nameplate
    5.The current ratio of the transformer is not reasonable
    6.The meter or current meter is very poor
    7.The error of the transformer is very poor
    1.Tighten the current transformer secondary terminal screw
    2.Choose a wire of not less than 2.5mm2.
    3.Wire length should not exceed 2m.
    4.Wear a winding according to the number of turns per nameplate
    5.Select current transformer that matches the actual work current
    6.Check the electricity meter or ammeter. It must be replaced if it happens super difference.
    7.Check current transformer according to the nameplate parameter, and replace current transformer if it is too poor.(The calibration instrument must meet the standard requirement, and the calibration standard must be higher than that of the test current transformer).
    The measurement of voltage transformer is inaccurate 1.The  secondary terminal of transformer is loose.
    2.The load of the voltage transformer exceeds the rated load of the voltage transformer.
    3.The meter or voltmeter is very poor.
    4.Voltage transformer is very poor.
    1.Tighten the voltage transformer secondary terminal screw.
    2.Calculate the total output load of the transformer. if exceed the rated load of the transformer, it must shorten the line, or choose the other voltage transformer
    3.Check the electricity meter or the voltmeter. If must be replaced if it happens super difference.
    4.Check voltage transformer. If must be replaced if it happens super difference.
    High pressure oil immersion meter oil leak 1.There is gas in the tank and the air pressure is high.
    2.The seal is damaged.
    3.The tank was damaged during transportation and the weld was leaking.
    1.Clean the tank top with a dry cleaning cloth, open the filling, leave it for ten minutes, then cover the oil plug.
    2.Replace the seal pad.
    3.If the tank is damaged, the transformer must be released and the box body shall be welded.
    The high voltage meter box is not counted 1.The output terminal of the combined transformer is reversed.
    2.Terminal is loose
    1.Check the wiring diagram according to the instructions, and the polarity must be adjusted
    2.Tighten the terminal screw and connect reliably.
  • 1.The keyboard is not displayed after generates

    (1)Check whether the input power supply is normal, if normal, can measure dc bus p, n terminal voltage is normal:If there is no voltage, the power failure can check whether the charging resistance is broken;

    (2)Check p, n terminal voltage is normal, and  then replace keyboard and keyboard line; If there is still no indication, it is necessary to check whether the 26p line connecting the main control board to the power supply plate is loose or broken;

    (3)If the switching power supply is normal, the relay has a sound absorption and the fan is functioning normally;If it still not shown, it can determine the keyboard's crystal vibration or the resonance capacitor is bad, at this time can change the keyboard or repair the keyboard

    (4)If all other normal after power on, but still no display, switching power supply can not work, now need to unplug after power p, n terminal power supply, check whether the static ic3842 normal inspection (thumb). If ic3842 static is normal, after the p, n and dc voltage 18 v / 1 w zener diode about 8 v voltage on both ends, but did not work, switch power supply power check switch transformer rectifier diode if there is a breakdown of short-circuit vice edge;

    (5)The voltage of the 18v/1w stabilized diode is still not shown, but the peripheral plug is removed, including the plug of the relay line, the fan wire plug, the check fan and the relay whether there is a short circuit;

    (6)After the power of p and n, the voltage of the voltage of 18v/1w stabilizer diode is 8v, and the input end of ic3842 is checked with an oscilloscope to see if there is a sawtooth wave, and the output end is the output of the foot.

    (7) Check the output of the switching power supply side ±5v, ±15v, ±24v and the power supply to the ground and the extremities.

    2.The keyboard is normal but not operational

    (1)If the keyboard shows normal, but each function key cannot operate, at this time should check whether the keyboard and the main control board match.

    (2)If the display is normal, only a part of the button cannot be operated, can check whether the key micro switch is bad, or whether the keyboard patch resistance is damaged.

    3.The potentiometer is not adjustable speed

    (1)First check whether the control method is correct;

    (2)Check whether the parameters of the given signal selection and analog input are valid;

    (3)Whether the main control board dialing switch Settings is correct;

    (4)The above is correct, may be the potentiometer bad, should check the resistance is normal.

    4.Over current protection

    (1)When the inverter on the keyboard display "oc" failure, at this time can enter a state of fault query, fault can be run frequency, output current, running status and so on, can according to the size of the running state and output current, decide its "oc" protection is under the heavy load protection or OCC(The output has short circuit, drive circuit fault and interference etc);

    (2)If the current is too large when the load is heavier, the acceleration time and the appropriate v/f characteristic curve should be adjusted appropriately.

    (3)If the motor is not connected, the air converter can jump "oc" and check whether igbt is damaged or not. Check whether the junction capacitor between igbt and ge is normal.If it is normal, check the driving circuit: check whether the drive line is in the correct position, whether there is a deviation or not; Check whether the "oc" is caused by hall and line. Check whether the driver circuit amplifiers (such as ic57962, etc.) or the optical coupling are short-circuited; Check whether the driving resistance has broken circuit, short circuit and resistance variable value;

    (4)If you jump "oc" during operation, you should check whether the motor is plugged (mechanical card dead), causing the load current mutation to cause the flow;

    (5)During the deceleration process, the "oc" will be adjusted to adjust the deceleration time and deceleration mode according to the type and weight of the load.

    5.Overload protection(OL)

    (1)When frequency converter on the keyboard display "TPIP" twinkle "ol", this time can enter a state of fault query, fault can be run frequency, output current, running status and so on, can according to the size of the running state and output current. If the output current is too large, it may be under the heavy load, at this time, deceleration time should be adjusted and v/f curve, torque increase, etc., if still overload, should consider to lighten the load or replace larger capacity inverter;

    (2)If the output current is not large when the query fails, it is necessary to check whether the electronic thermal overload relay parameters are appropriate.

    (3)Check whether hall and line are defective.

    6.Overheating protection(oh)

    (1)Check whether the plug of the temperature switch is plugged in and check whether the temperature switch line is disconnected with the multimeter. If it is disconnected, it can be concluded that the temperature switch line is broken or the temperature switch is damaged;

    (2The fan is not good for overheating protection

    (3The environment temperature is too high, the heat dissipation effect is poor, the internal temperature of the inverter causes overheating protection.

    (4)For the frequency converter with the seven units of igbt with the rectifier bridge, the temperature detection of the temperature detection is the temperature detection using the resistance of the thermal resistor inside igbt. If "oh" overheats the protection. For the following reasons: the comparator is bad and the output is high. Comparing the resistance of the comparator and the lower voltage; Igbt internal thermistor resistance is abnormal.

    7.Over voltage protection(ou)

    (1)Inverter in the over voltage protection, appeared in the process of reduction is due to the load caused by large inertia, at this time should be extended to slow down time, if still is invalid, can be mounted to the braking unit and braking resistance to consume energy;

    (2)The VPN parameter resistance should be adjusted due to the overpressure protection caused by the replacement of the power panel or the main control board(3) The input voltage is higher than the rated voltage of the inverter, and it may also be overpressure.

    8.Under voltage protection(lu)

    (1)First check whether the input power voltage is normal, the wiring is good, whether the phase is missing;

    (2)The "04" value parameter resistance is appropriate;

    (3)The VPN parameter resistance should be adjusted because of the undervoltage protection caused by the replacement of the power panel or the main control board;(4)Voltage detection circuit, transport and other devices can also result in underpressure.

    9.The relay does not absorb

    (1)First check whether the input power supply is abnormal (if equal);

    (2)Check whether the connection between the power plate and capacitor plate is correct and whether there is a loose phenomenon;

    (3)Check whether the 26p line between the main control board and the power panel has any contact or disconnection, causing the rec control signal to be ineffective and the relay not to absorb;

    (4)The failure of the components of the relay suction circuit also leads to the failure of the relay.

    (5)The inside of the relay (such as wire breakage, etc.).

    10.Frequency display, but no voltage output

    (1)After the frequency converter runs, there is a running frequency, but there is no voltage output between u, v and w, and the carrier frequency parameters need to be checked for loss.

    (2)If the carrier frequency parameter is normal, it can run the frequency converter and check whether the driving waveform is normal with an oscilloscope.

    (3)If the driving waveform is not normal, it is necessary to check whether the SPWM waveform emitted by the CPU of the main control board is normal. If it is abnormal, the CPU fails; If the SPWM waveform of the main control board is normal, then the power supply should be replaced by a 26p line. If the drive plate drive waveform is still abnormal, the driver circuit will be partially malfunctioned and need to be repaired or replaced.

  • The fault phenomenonGeneral cause analysisSolution
    Electricity, turn the handle, the voltmeter has not instructions (new)1.The power cord is not fastened and has no output voltage;
    2.The carbon brush has no contact with the grinding surface, no output voltage;
    3.The voltmeter is damaged
    1.Check whether the power cord connection is reliable;
    2.Check whether the carbon brush has broken;
    3.Replace the voltmeter
    The intensity is not consistent when turn the handleThe friction of coils and carbon brushes is not uniformCheck whether the coil is shifted
    After power, the coil will smoke or burn1.Incorrect wiring;
    2.Not select the capacity of the voltage regulator, the load power is too large
    1.Professional wiring;
    2.The parameters of proper capacity and rated current are selected correctly before buying the regulator
    The carbon brush works with sparks or wipers1.The pressure of carbon brush is too small
    2.The coil plane has insulation materials
    3.Carbon brush head loss or partial fracture leads to poor contact
    1.Readjust the carbon brush pressure to make it fit;
    2.Remove the foreign matter with sandpaper;
    3.Replace the carbon brush head
  • The fault phenomenonPossible reasonsSolution
    No output voltageNo output voltage
    input, output coil
    Send electricity
    Identify the cause and replace the transformer
    Output voltage errorOutput voltage error
    The transformer output voltage is not correct
    Adjustable input voltage
    Replace transformer
    The transformer temperature rises too highHigh input voltage
    Heavy load
    Try to reduce the input voltage
    Select a transformer with suitable capacity
    The transformer has a foul smellTransformer turns short circuit
    Load short circuit
    Replace transformer
    Check the load
  • Fault phenomenonFault reasomElimination method
    The regulator is unsteady1.The server failed.
    2.The output voltage exceeds the stable range.
    1.If the motor is rotating or the motor has a voltage but cannot drive the arm, it should change the motor.
    2.If the motor does not have voltage, check the microswitch and circuit board to adjust the adjustment of the circuit board.
    3.Repair or replace the circuit board if the fault is not eliminated.
    The voltage regulator has no output voltage.1.The main road
    2.The switch trip or the fuse is blown off
    3.The output has voltage but the voltmeter does not show.
    1.Connect the main thread and check if the thread is welded
    2.Replace the fuse or recombined switch to reduce load capacity.
    3.Replace the voltmeter.
    Indicator light is dark1.The indicator is being negatively connected
    2.Indicator light burning
    3.The wire of indicator light is wrong to connected.
    1.Connect according to the prescribed method。
    2.Replace the lamp if there is a voltage
    3.Connect by marking correctly
    Carbon brush unilateral working1.The motor is opposite with positive and negative.
    2.The motor line and the control line are connected incorrectly at the same time.
    3.The carbon brush does not move when the voltage is fluctuating.
    1.Connect the electrical motor correctly ( such as positive to low voltage, negative to high voltage )
    2.Check whether the microswitch fails to work. (No stretch, no resistance )
    3.Replace the circuit board if the fault has not been eliminated.
    When energized, the regulator tripping1.The voltage regulator input line is wrong.
    2.The voltage regulator coil happens short circuit.
    3.Separate circuit breaker rated current is not correct.
    1.Press the regulator correctly
    2.Replace the coil
    3.Select the matching circuit breaker.
    The output voltmeter swings back and forth, and the carbon brush creates a spark1.The contact pressure of the carbon brush and coil plane
    2.Carbon brushes wear badly.
    3.The circuit board is sensitive.
    1.lean the coil and carbon brush with a fine file or sandpaper, then adjust the carbon brush
    2.Replace the new carbon brush
    3.Replace the circuit board.
    The AC relay does not absorb when energized1.Communication control circuit fault
    2.AC relay broken
    3.The circuit board is protected.
    1.Check whether the control line is wrong
    2.Replace ac or relay if the control line has voltage.
    Replace or repair circuit boards if the line is good without voltage.
  • Failure checkTroubleshooting
    Controller liquid crystal
    No power display on the display screen
    1.Poor contact or shedding at the end of the circuit breakerConnect the corresponding lines
    2.Three-pole switch, the neutral line of the system is not connected to the terminals 1 and 2
    3.The controller cable connector is not insertedPlug in the connector to ensure reliable connection
    4.Controller damageChange controller or product
    Continuous alarm soundSpare power supply voltage failureClick the button on the right of the controller to interrupt the backup power failure alarm or repair the backup power
    Automatic switching switch frequentlyPower supply overvoltage, undervoltage or load power three phase imbalanceAdjust the controller, cancel the undervoltage protection function or repair the normal power supply